Our hand picked favorite Feature Short Films we've made. 100% Raw Independent Filmmaking. This is the stuff!


After France and soon after traveling to the North Shore of Oahu, it was time to do some good Ol'd Fashion film making here at home. It's been quite the winter here in Southern California, some spots topping out and over fifteen foot for the first time in decades, meaning certain, more protected areas of the coast where waves don't usually break were lighting up. Some spots were ones I'd never seen break before at all , and some equally fickle spots have been strangely consistent. One such inspiring the name of this video. Featuring Sean Tully, Moses Liggett, Spencer Navarro, and Jack Hill this is a video of the Same Ol' Story of soul seeking and friendship. Filmed and Edited by J.D. Stroud. Enjoy.


The French are a people of passion, so our montage of our time spent there required a hint of passion in it. Enjoy this seven minute montage de France featuring California natives and Full Moon Surf Club originals Spencer Navarro and Jack Hill on our first ever international trip to the famous Basque Country of the South of France. Also Featuring Local legends Jules Leplecheux, Sarah Tannou, and Vincent Lauzel. Enjoy! Filmed and edited by J.D. Stroud. Special thanks to Lighthouse Skateshop, Vincent Laurel for being the best tour guide ever, and everyone who bought a piece of merchandise from our online store and to everyone who came to our previous film premieres. PASSION!


Our first feature full length that brings together the incredible surfing of our usual suspects and the behind the scenes look at the moments that could never be re-created at our favorite summer spot. Featuring Jack Hill, David Vizulis, Brooke Carlson, Spencer Navarro, Zian Boyd, Josh Perez, River Covey, Allen Sarlo, and Sam Heck alongside a cast of motley characters who are always with us behind the scenes. Enjoy this 20 minute long debut that was filmed in it's entirety in just eight days, a testament to how much incredible surfing and hyjinx that goes down on a day to day basis at Malibu first point. Cheers.


We grew up watching videos of Cj Nelson as kids and are beyond psyched to be filming and hanging with the man this many years later. He also might be surfing better than he ever has. Enjoy this 3 minute short of the man himself.


The Goofy footer switch stance sorcerer is back and this time he's gone full finless. Enjoy the sorcery.


Ah, is there anything as soothing as watching Stephanie Gilmore grace the shimmering blue Summer waters of Southern California? We think not. Enjoy 🌕


Air reverses and Stiffed out nose rides are all in a day's work for the Viz Man at the "other Malibu" Enjoy his Newest.


Had the pleasure of hanging with Luke Davis in LA in between his jaunts hounding tubes in Mexico and Central America.

The Gilded Lamp ft Josh Perez

A student of style; a disciple of of heritage whose own approach has been borrowed from the old and coalesced with the new. Style matters and so does this compilation of Josh Perez we've filmed while hanging with him over the past few months. Enjoy


Part owner of a super core Skate shop in Santa Barbara, Spencer might be one of my favorite surfers, and is on his way to doing what every California Goofy-Foot Surfer dreams of: surf just as well switch stance as your natural. Yes, Spencer is a Goofy footer (at least I think) and for someone who has been surfing far less years than most us, he's somewhat of an enigma. Expect more from this guy in the near future, and until then, enjoy this compilation of stray clips I've filmed of him over the past couple months. Enjoy.

JP GARNER at Malibu

Far from his home in Santa Cruz, but nowhere near far from his comfort zone. JP surfs with style and grace and his classic surfing at Malibu is a thing of beauty. Always a pleasure catching up with him and his journeys south. Enjoy.


Jacky-Boy taking a quick hiatus from being a tradesman, and hitting the open road. Lucky to have caught him in the act. Enjoy!


River Covey is no ordinary man, so it meant that this could be no ordinary edit. Spend a day with him and his metaphors of idealogical design will leave you questioning the world around you. He's also a damn good surfer. Eat your psychedelic heart out!


Our First 8mm/4k Feature Debut following a road trip through California with the whole crew. Featuring Jack Hill, David VIzulis, Zian Boyd, and Josh Perez. Van Break downs, pier jumps, sleeping on the ground, epic waves, and even a parrot all coincide to make one of our personal favorite films and trips we've worked on to date. 

David Vizulis Malibu Edit

Dave is like a goddamn Energizer Bunny, teeming with energy and hour long surf sessions that would leave most of us bed ridden for days. The dude is one of the most talented surfers we know on any size board, but the proof is in the pudding' watching him on a log at Malibu is a thing of beauty.


First time shooting with only Jack & Dave, who at this point have become my Go-To favorites for filming with. Put that together with the fact that we scored this epic winter spot at a time of year where it was so hot you HAD to trunk it, and you have yourself a pretty mysto session. Featuring Jack Hill and David Vizulis.


Sometimes no plan is the best plan. I got a call at 9pm the night before telling me to come on a trip that my friends had already left on. I left Topanga at 4am and arrived in Big Sur at 8am to find my friends vans parked on the side of PCH. We continued north from there and the product was this feel good short filmed around various parts of Northern California with absolutely zero expectations, deadlines, plans, or pressure. Just pure fun some 8mm film, friends, and the open road. Featuring Zian Boyd / Anthony Marlowe / Zahid

Summer Healy & Friends.

The summer of 2020 sure was a strange one, and an entire locked down Summer with great waves at Malibu was no different. It was as if the Malibu parking lot existed as a microcosm where we were either all going to get covid or somehow we were all protected. Either way, it seemed as though we congregated in that damn lot 24 hours a day every single day for at least four months that year. The product was friendships and bonds were tightened in the face of a Pandemic and a whole lot of surfing went down. Starring Summer Healy and featuring Vienna Werner and Josh Perez.

Zander Hartman Painkiller Session

Zander Hartman at Malibu surfing in the morning while having not slept from a wild night before. This is soul seeking right here. Watch Below!

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