DISCLAIMER*: WE ARE NOT A CLOTHING BRAND! Nor do we seek or long to become one. We are a collective of like minded surfers who wish to document this so called experience of life in a unique and hopefully different way. That being said, in today's day and age that requires income, and up until this point we have made none. No corporate sponsors, donors, or salaries here. Full Moon Surf Club is 100% pure raw independent film making paid for out of pocket. So instead of asking for a handout, we decided to create material possessions you can wear in order to support. If you like the stuff you've been seeing from us, well, then here is your chance to help that continue and grow by directly supporting us and wearing these badass pieces of apparel. Where does the money go? Directly towards buying better camera equipment, funding trips, and let's face it, probably rent! If you've landed on this page, I love you, and thank you for the support!